About Carey A. Beers

Carey Beers - Professional Training Consultant, Certified Adult Educator, Expert Curriculum DesignerIn today’s world of exceptional individuals reaching for greatness, Carey A. Beers stands out as an extraordinary woman worthy of emulation. Her passion for learning and development was ignited early in life and continues to burn bright today.

As a reputable Training Consultant, Curriculum Designer, and Adult Educator, she has invested much time and effort into her own education, aiming to become a world-class professional in her field. Carey’s personal educational achievements include many certifications relating to IT, web design and media design, among others. In 2018, she earned a diploma in Adult Education and is currently working on obtaining her CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional) designation. Her impeccable academic performance has earned her recognition on many occasions, including inclusion on the “President’s List” for achieving top scores in her post-secondary studies.

Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought.
-Napoleon Hill

Respecting that our world is ever-changing, Carey dedicates time every day for her own learning to keep her knowledge current, and to set a positive example for those she works with. She strives to positively impact her environment and the people in it on a daily basis. Her peers and trainees agree that Carey’s methods and character are built on integrity and ethics.

With her understanding that perception is key to dynamic learning, Carey knows how to create meaningful connections with people on the right levels to ensure full comprehension of intended messages. This special skill has paved the way for her successful career in Training and Development. She has worked in this capacity with many organizations in various industries, most recently Auction Transport Services Inc., one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies of 2018 as named by Maclean’s magazine and Canada Business.

Carey Beers - Professional Training Consultant, Certified Adult Educator, Expert Curriculum Designer

Passionate about making a difference in her community and improving lives, Carey currently serves as a Volunteer Crisis Intervener/Support Person with the South Eastern Sexual Assault Center, providing companionship and support to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. In 2018, Carey was named “Volunteer of the Year” for her benevolent contributions to the organization.

Family is very important to Carey, and much of her free time is spent caring for her family of seven. Her personal hobbies include baking, creating all-natural bath and beauty products, reading, and spending time with friends.

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